Class Descriptions


1st grade and up: A wonderful class for all students and especially essential to all those looking at a career in dance! Ballet teaches coordination and confidence while improving grace and balance.


1st grade and up: Our most popular form of dance, using your favorite music to create a high energy class! We cover the latest hip hop moves from L.A. and New York and also introduce Broadway music and musical theatre style jazz.


1st grade and up: Funk classes explore movement without jazz technique. This class will include athletic movements, teaching the dancers how to move on the floor. This class will allow students to dance freestyle and learn how to be creative with their own choreography.

All dancers taking Funk Classes must also take an appropriate level Jazz class.


1st grade and up: Tap classes teach rhythm and musicality to upbeat, popular music and cover classic steps such as "shuffle off to buffalo", maxiford, riffs and time steps.



4th grade and older: Contemporary dance is a compilation of different styles of dance, including lyrical, classical ballet and modern. Contemporary choreography incorporates creativity and free movement for dancers to express feelings and emotion while telling a story.

Leaps & Turns

4th grade and older: This class focuses on honing techniques and fundamentals that are imperative for successful leaps and turns by finding the dancer's center from which all movements begin and end. This class is strictly a technique class and does not have a recital piece. Leaps and turns is a beneficial class to accompany any class style, especially ballet, modern, and jazz/hip-hop classes.


4th grade and older: Lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet with jazz and contemporary dance techniques. It has its primary basis in ballet, combining the many technical elements of classical ballet with the freedom and airier aspects of jazz, contemporary and modern dance. Lyrical dance is expressive, focused on conveying musicality and emotion through movement.

All dancers taking Lyrical Classes must also take an appropriate level Ballet class.


4th grade and older: Modern dance is its own style and technique that explores the use of weight, release of energy, fall and recovery, and musicality. Modern dance is a dance technique that was created by dance pioneers who wanted to explore their own ideas and break free of the ballet tradition.

Musical Theatre

4th grade and older: Students will learn all styles of musical theatre dance from original Broadway choreography. We will focus on building confidence, stage presence, and rhythm and movement. Dancers will learn to interpret music and choreography while improving coordination, strength and endurance. This is a perfect class for students who perform in school musicals or with theater companies.

*NEW THIS DANCE SEASON! Musical Theater Workshops open to all current and non-DF dancers (4th grade & up).* 

Join Miss Anna and a special guest artist for our Music Theater Workshops where dancers will have the opportunity to hone in on their musical theater dance technique, as well as learn how to SING and PERFORM! 

Workshop Dates: 9/16/23, 10/14/23, 11/11/23, 1/20/24, 2/3/24, 3/2/24 (1:00-3:15 PM). Sign up for individual classes (space permitting) or for all 6 workshop dates. Click on flyer below to view registration form.


Dancers must be recommended for Pointe and are required to take an appropriate level Ballet class. All dancers who are considering training in Pointe should enroll in two ballet classes for preparation and strengthening.


Adult Dance Cardio

Adult Dance Cardio is an hour-long cardio-based dance class for adults. It focuses on learning some basic dance steps while getting your heart rate up and having a dance party! No dance experience required! Click on flyer below to view registration form.


Dancers 3 years up to Kindergarten (Young Dancer Program)

The Dance Factory Young Dancer Program provides an introduction to the world of dance and music. All classes are designed to introduce creative movement exercises and steps that foster body coordination, rhythmic awareness, and a path to explore their own imagination.

3-4yr Ballet/Tumbling

This class includes stretches and basic ballet steps, several fun dances and a portion of the class designed for learning simple tumbling movements (i.e., forward roll or crab walk).

4-6yr Ballet & Tap Combo Classes

Our 4-6 year olds will learn basic ballet and tap steps. They will learn how to move across the floor and dances that are creative and fun.

Kindergarten Ballet & Tap Combo Classes

The dancers in our Kindergarten Tap and Ballet classes will begin more challenging steps and positions. The Ballet portion of their class will begin training at the ballet barre. 


Dancers 1st Grade and Up

Starting in 1st grade and older, dancers can enroll in Ballet, Jazz/Hip-Hop, Funk, and Tap classes.

Dancers in 4th grade and older will have the opportunity to explore additional specialty dance genres including Contemporary, Lyrical, Modern, Musical Theatre, and Leaps & Turns. Evaluation and placement is required for dancers wishing to enroll in these specialty classes.

Advanced level dancers with strong ballet technique and experience are eligible for Pointe classes with an instructor recommendation.


Intensive Program — Grades 4 and up — Evaluation and Placement required

The Dance Factory Intensive Program is a program developed for students looking for a more serious and rigorous dance program. Students are placed into class levels based on experience, technique, and skill. Students are required to take a minimum number of classes per week including ballet classes. Students must comply with the course requirements specific to each level. Special programs related to musical theater, choreography, performance, and auditions will be offered throughout the year to enhance the experience.