How were classes recommended for my dancer?

All Dance Factory teachers met as a group and evaluated every current student for placement. Dancers were recommended for classes based on their technique, skill, experience, and performance ability.

My dancer was recommended for the Intensive Program, how does that work?

Dancers in the Intensive Program must take a minimum number of classes. Dancers taking classes marked “Intensive” as indicated with a red box on the schedule, must take the recommended Ballet class. The Intensive Program offers 3 levels and dancers were recommended for an Intensive level by the Dance Factory teachers during student placement evaluations.

My dancer was not recommended for the Intensive Program, why?

Only those students meeting the Intensive Program criteria for technique, skill, experience, and performance ability were recommended to the program.

My dancer feels she was not placed at the appropriate level, what should we do?

First, check with your current teacher(s) to make sure the placement sheet received is correct. If correct, your dancer may request a re-evaluation at the end of the summer before classes begin. However, we recommend that students wishing to be re-evaluated find out the areas needing improvement and take classes to work on those skills during the summer months. Not all dancers move to a new level each year.

My dancer was recommended for the Intensive Program, can she take non-intensive classes too?

Yes. Dancers recommended for the Intensive Program are encouraged to take a variety of classes including non-Intensive classes as recommended by the Dance Factory staff.

My dancer does not want to participate in the Intensive Program, but wants to be challenged, are there classes available for her?

Yes. We will continue to offer classes at all levels outside of the Intensive Program. They are marked with a Pink or Gold box on the schedule. Dancers who do not wish to be part of the Intensive Program can request recommendations for placement in level-appropriate, non-Intensive classes.

Why are younger dancers in my child's classes?

Our Dance Factory teachers evaluated every current student for placement recommendations based on technique, skill, experience, and performance ability. In some cases, students were placed in classes where the students are slightly older. In other cases, dancers were placed in classes where students were slightly younger. Our Dance Factory teachers took great care to match class syllabus requirements with level-appropriate placement recommendations for all students.

My dancer was recommended for a Funk Class, does he/she need to take a Jazz Class too?

Yes. All Funk Classes, except the Boys Only Funk Classes, require dancers to take a Jazz/Hip Hop Class too.

My dancer was recommended for a Lyrical Class and a Modern Class, does she need to take a Ballet Class too?

No. While a Ballet Class is recommended and will be a very helpful technique builder, your dancer is not required to take Ballet to take a Modern or Lyrical Class.

My dancer has never taken Tap before, but would like to start. Can she?

Yes. We added beginner tap classes for older students. They are marked with a Black box on the schedule.

Why are some classes for older students starting earlier this year?

We do our best to offer classes that meet the needs of our students without running classes too late at night. Many of the Dance Factory students attend school in Montgomery Twp. With the new school times next year, Montgomery Middle and High School students will finish school before 3pm while the Elementary students will not finish until 3:50pm. Based on this, we moved a number of middle school classes to earlier time slots this year.

What is the Registration Fee?

The Registration Fee is $30 for individual or $40 per family.

Why are some classes more expensive than others?

As class difficulty levels increase, so do the requirements for the instructor’s experience and ability to teach the required class syllabus. Instructors with experience and training to teach the more difficult skills, technique, dance combinations, etc... are more expensive.

Is the Tuition Cap per student or per family?

The tuition cap is on a per student basis.